David Miranda


David Miranda is the founder of the Hudson County Latino Foundation.  He founded the organization in 2017 sits on the Board of Directors and is currently the Chief Operating Officer.

Recognizing the socio-economic, education and healthcare gaps in Hudson County, he and with the help of other Board Members set out to create an organization dedicated to one thing, helping people build a better future.  Using his experience as an Army officer and Veteran of multiple tours to Afghanistan, he leveraged what he learned and began to apply them to the Foundation’s core programs in an effort to help build the capacity of underrepresented minorities.

What started out as an experiment to ‘give back’ is quickly growing to become the most trusted charity in Hudson County. He values and believes in teamwork, empowering others and creating a collaborative experience for all.  To this end, the Foundation has taken several steps to ensure transparency, effective governance and diversity and inclusion in all levels both on the staff and senior roles.

David has a Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations from Seton Hall University with concentrations in Foreign Policy Analysis and Post-Conflict Reconstruction and an undergraduate degree from New Jersey City University where he was on the dean’s list. He is an avid dog lover and loves extreme sports such as sky diving.