Are You Ready To Take Your Project To The Next Level?

A Fiscal Sponsor is a nonprofit
organization that provides
fiduciary oversight, financial
management, and other
administrative services to help
build the capacity of charitable


The Foundation is one of a handful in New Jersey that offers this type of service.

What is a Fiscal Sponsored Project?

What is the process?

  1. Submission application of Project to Foundation

  2. Application reviewed by senior staff (COO/CFO/Legal)

  3. Project submitted to

    Board for Approval

  4. Project Contracting

  5. Account Opening


  1. Start Up

  2. Account Opening

  3. Monthly Transaction

  4. Additional Consulting Fee as applicable

Services we provide


Fund Administration

This is the standard service of a Fiscal Sponsor.

Additional Consulting Services to Complement Your Project

Working Together on Project

Project or Program Management

Dedicated project or program manager, development of a project plan, etc.


Development Consultation

Establishment of a development plan, grant research, grant writing and fundraising strategy, etc.

The Wall of Ideas

Marketing & Communications

Development of a Project specific Marketing plan, printing services, SEO, press release, etc.

Fiscal Sponsored Projects


Operational & Technical

Services beyond initial start up, IT integration of donor sites, etc.